Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can cause a number of oral problems when left untreated, and having them removed is often a "rite of passage" in our society. Many patients are anxious when it comes to their wisdom teeth removal. At Golden Hills Dental, we aim to dispel those fears and phobia associated with wisdom tooth extractions. Our dentists and staff make efforts in giving high quality dental services to remove any apprehensions when visiting our office.

Sedation for Wisdom Teeth Removal 

With years of experience in the practice, we find ways to provide premium comfort the moment you step into our office. Each of our treatment rooms includes televisions and plush seating so you can sit back and relax while you are with us. Our friendly staff members are also available to assist with any of your concerns. They will see to it that you are comfortable throughout every procedure.

For patients who have dental anxiety, we offer IV sedation to make your treatment a completely relaxed experience. Though you remain conscious during IV sedation, you will have little sense of time and few memories of the procedure. This makes many of our patients who normally have a fear of the dentist feel at ease.

We will constantly monitor your vitals to ensure you have the correct amount of sedation and stay completely comfortable during your appointment.

Personalized Wisdom Teeth Removal

Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but they can create a number of problems, including overcrowding, pain, decay, and complications with your bite. If your wisdom teeth feel like they are causing a problem, it might be time to have them checked.

We take time to understand your condition thoroughly. Our dentists, Dr. Jacob Geyer and Dr. Dustin Webb, make efforts in developing the right treatment plan for your wisdom teeth. Using sophisticated diagnostic tools, they can help diagnose your teeth and see what works best for your condition. 

We place patient comfort first and determine how best to approach your treatment so that you have a positive procedure as well as a complication-free recovery. They also make it a point to discuss important aspects of your necessary after-treatment so you will know what to expect as you recover and heal. With their guidance and expertise, we ensure your dental experience will be a positive one.

Call Us Today for a Wisdom Tooth Evaluation

Are your wisdom teeth coming in? Don’t wait until your wisdom teeth start causing serious problems; contact our Coarsegold dental office so we can help plan the appropriate treatment for your condition. We can determine if some, all, or none of your wisdom teeth need removing and what the next best step will be to support your overall oral health.

Our gentle dentists and entire team look forward to providing you with the treatment that works best for you!