At Golden Hills Dental, we believe aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. With this mindset, we have devoted time, resources, and effort to help achieve the perfect smile. Using state-of-the-art facilities and advanced orthodontic techniques, we can help solve age-old problems like malocclusion (a misaligned bite), crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps, overlapping, and uneven spaces.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

As a premier dental health provider, we go beyond simple consultations and strive to find the most appropriate treatment that will make your teeth straighter and more beautiful. We face every dental problem head on with a set of cost-effective solutions. We make efforts to explain possible alternatives before administering any orthodontics and help patients make well-informed decisions. We find ways to keep up with the latest developments in the field and go all-out in providing insightful knowledge on proper oral care.

Dr. Geyer offers Invisalign and ClearCorrect. He graduated with high honors from the most comprehensive, rigorous orthodontic training program for general dentists in the country. 

Orthodontics for Adults and Children

What sets us apart from other offices is our dedication to providing quality dental care for all ages and reaching high levels of patient satisfaction. We take time in designing our orthodontics for both adults and children, no matter what dental condition they may have. As part of our commitment to quality dental care, we offer a wide range of innovative options suitable for your whole family.

We do not simply administer orthodontic treatments – we will evaluate your condition to provide utmost dental care. Using the latest innovations, we can take impressions of your teeth so we can plan treatment for your condition more accurately. This is just another way of showing our commitment to the practice. 

We will go over what you can expect with the outcome of your treatment, so that there are no surprises and you achieve the health and beauty goals for your smile.

Cosmetic Orthodontic Solutions

Even if you simply want to improve your appearance so that your smile is more attractive, we have cosmetic solutions to straighten your teeth that are both affordable and efficient. We can address problems such as gaps, overlapping, and misaligned teeth, no matter how simple or complex. 

We know it is important to our patients to have confidence in their health as well as their appearance, which is why we work with each of you individually to achieve the goals you have for your smile.

Efficient Dental Care

At Golden Hills Dental, we also understand the value of your time so we will make the most of your visit. We can work with your busy schedule to make sure your family gets the care that they need in a timely fashion.

Call Us for an Orthodontic Evaluation

We currently welcome patients of all ages to our Coarsegold dental offices. Give us a call today to schedule an exam with one of our highly skilled dentists and take the first step toward the smile you want and deserve.